Catalytic converter cleaner best cleaning catalyst solution High Quality dissolve soot & carbon
Catalytic converter cleaner best cleaning catalyst solution High Quality dissolve soot & carbon

Catalytic converter cleaner best cleaning catalyst solution High Quality dissolve soot & carbon

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MotorPower Care Catalytic converter cleaner is the best cleaning solution kit, dissolves soot & carbon, and is High quality made in Germany:
Intensive cleaning for the catalytic converter, this kit includes two products, one for the tank and the other foam we spray directly on the catalyst from the Oxygen sensor (O2) sensor port. This kit will fix the catalytic converter's failure if the catalyst is not cracked, broken, or melted. This kit saves more than %70 catalytic converters when they fail to pass smog or check engine light with a catalyst or O2 sensor codes, this kit gives incentive cleaning for the catalytic converter, and it's safe on the materials inside the catalytic converter; it's a very high-quality new technology design by the leaders in this industry. ADVANTAGES - Removes existing deposits - Protects against heavy dirt with regular use - Provides the engine performance Restores - Ensuring the proper operation of the oxygen sensor/catalyst / the turbocharger and the EGR valve - Prevents or eliminates problems that appear on OBD Product properties: For use in all petrol and diesel engines and hybrid vehicles.
Instructions on how to use MotorPower Care Catalytic Converter Cleaner kit: 

Note: Ensure safety precautions, such as wearing appropriate protective gear, are followed throughout the process.


Step 1: Locate the Upper stream O2 Sensor

  • Identify the upper stream O2 sensor on thecatalytic converter.

Step 2: Vehicle Preparation

  • Ensure the vehicle is mostly cold. We recommend starting the car for only 40 seconds from a cold engine before beginning the cleaning process.

Step 3: Access the catalytoc converter 

  • Carefully pull out the upper stream O2 sensor to gain access to the catalytic converter honeycomb.

Step 4: Application of Foam Cleaner

  • Shake the DPF Foam Cleaner can well.
  • Insert the can nozzle (included in the package) until it reaches the Catalytic converter honeycomb.
  • Begin spraying the foam cleaner, stopping every 5 seconds and then continuing until the can is empty.

Step 5: Wait for 20 Minutes

  • After emptying the can, remove the probe nozzle, reinstall the sensor back into its place, and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 6: Add Catalytic Converter Cleaner Additive

  • AddMtorPower Care DPF Purge Filter Additive to the diesel tank.

Step 7: Vehicle Startup

  • Start the vehicle. perform a 40-minute drive on open roads with slightly higher RPM.



After the initial cleaning, we recommend using our Catalytic converter cleaner additive every 3000 miles to help maintain a clean and efficient system.

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure the effective cleaning of your vehicle's catalytic converter. Always prioritize safety when working with automotive products.