Why Engine flush oil system cleaner important, explained by MotorPower Care

Why Engine Flush, oil system cleaner is so important to your vehicle engine ?


By just replacing oil you are leaving deposits in the engine and by time this will cause sludge & contamination. This will decrease engine compression when Carbon and sludge get between the piston rings and frame the rings from freely movement this will increase fuel consumption and the oil circulation pressure will drop down gradually because of the deposits start building up in the oil system, and also can cause engine noises in cold start as lifter noise.


Now I understand there is technicians they have concerns about engine flushing can cause sometimes a damage because it does not lubricate when the flush in the system and that can harm the bearings, most of the engine flush products in the market designed from alcohol.


Today with the latest technology chemical from MotorPower Care these issues are solved, and can save you and the environment lot of damage & big engine repairs. With this latest technology this product does not contain alcohol it’s designed from carbon minerals, it will lubricate 93% better when its running in the engine and will dissolve sludge, varnish & deposits. This product certified by TUV in Germany & OEM approved.


You can test results by yourself, first do a compression test on your vehicle record numbers, second pour the product to the old oil that you have in the engine let it run for 25 to 30min then drain oil and change it with a new filter then do another compression test and you will see the improvement in the compression. Or another easy way check your gas millage before and after the cleaning. Highly recommended to be used with every other oil change to keep system clean.

YouTube Link Engine Cleaning: https://youtu.be/70B9M535mCg